Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Purple Daisy Boutique & build.Wise(IT) - Working Together Never Looked So Good!

I want to share a great online clothing store, The Purple Daisy Boutique. Purple Daisy Boutique has a store front in historical downtown Corinth, MS. The owner also happens to be my cousin. While the store opened last year to wonderful success, the need for an online option was clearly seen by constant request through their Facebook page. What a wonderful dilemma to have! Today the online store is in full operation mode! build.Wise(IT) designed a fully functional retail site for their specific needs. build.Wise(IT) happens to be owned by my husband. It has been a joy to sit back and watch these two companies work together to bring this site to life. 

Brittanie Howard

Stan Fields

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  1. Well how cool! And how proud you must be of both of them...I'm off to check out that website.


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