Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Weekend At The Beach

Stan had to see a client in Goose Creek, SC on Monday morning. This worked beautifully for me. Since we were going to be only 25 minutes from the beach for this appointment, he decided we should go down on Saturday and enjoy the weekend at one of our favorite beaches, Isle of Palms in Mount Pleasant, just outside of Charleston. We had incredible weather both days and soaked up the sun.

This was taken just before Stan decided it was too hot, even under the umbrella, to sit in the sun while wearing a black tee shirt.

Sunday evening we were so glad to see our daughter's two best girlfriends from college. We enjoyed a wonderful dinner with Julia, Allan and Leah at Sullivan's restaurant on Sullivan's Island. It was a joy to spend time catching up.

We headed home Monday evening but we get to turn around and go back this coming weekend! Yes, two weekends in a row at the beach! Stan is riding in A Ride To Remember, which ends in Charleston. I will meet Stan each night at the end destinations. We will have Monday for a beach day before heading home on Tuesday evening. 


  1. Glad you are enjoying the sand and the sun! Been missing seeing you at church lately...maybe one day when you live a boring life and never go anywhere, we will see you more!


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