Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Rocky Mountain High Colorado!

We are home from our 8 day vacation to Colorado. We were so blessed to share the time with friends and we went somewhere each day as a tourist. Each evening we dined on Jill's gourmet dinner and enjoyed our time with the family. The best way for me to describe our week would be in pictures. Here are just a few of our fun times.

Our view every morning. Our friends, Jill and Mark, have this wonderful sight from their back balcony. If I lived here full-time, I can't imagine getting anything done. I would just want to sit and look at this incredible view.

 Our friend, Sarah, a student at the Air Force Academy, gave us a tour of the campus on Sunday afternoon.
Sarah and Stan in front of the 9/11 memorial.

Sarah and Allan on our first stop.

Inside the chapel using the Panoramic option.
The chapel.
Garden of the Gods or as our sweet little friend, Kenna, said, Garden of Jesus. :)

Stan and Kenna

The view from the railway window. The Aspens were just glowing.

The view from Pikes Peak with snow on the ground!
The Cog Railway we road to reach Pikes Peak.

On the Cog headed back down the mountain.
After leaving Pikes Peak, we decided to drive an hour further to the little Western town, Cripple Creek. We didn't realize it was a mini Vegas.
Having never gambled, I decided to risk a whole $2.00's! I won $10.00 and then lost $12.00. Easy come, easy go. :)

We rode this across and walked the bridge.

View from the bottom after taking the incline railroad.

Walking back to our car we came across this huge, hairy tarantula look for a cool spot to rest! Yuck!
View in Breckenridge. 


  1. Looks like a great trip - except for that spider!!! EEEEPPP!!!

    1. It was, Mareth! I am so not a spider person, especially a big hairy tarantula! I stayed far away while Stan videoed it! ugh!

  2. Thanks so much for sharing your exciting vacation! Some very gorgeous scenery you have taken in. I've visited the Air Force Academy too - just LOVE that gorgeous chapel. Thanks for sharing with us (all except for that spider - YUCK!=) Be safe going home.


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