Thursday, January 26, 2012

Message/Photo Frame

I did it! Another Pinterest pin. I made my sister this photo/message frame. I was inspired by this link,
This is the finished project but now that I am looking at it, I believe I need to add at least one more string of twine near the top.
The Inspired Room, the blog my inspiration was from, built their frame from old picket fence pieces. I, on the other hand, went to Hobby Lobby and bought a premade frame in rustic, weathered wood. 

I purchased a roll of Natural Jute and measured across the frame. I allowed enough on each side for a knot and trimming. I then knotted the end and attached with upholstery tacks. I tapped the tacks in with a hammer and that was it. Easy peasy! A simple but really cute birthday gift for my sister, who had pinned the inspiration piece! It was a win-win for us both. 

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