Friday, June 12, 2009

Friday Favorite

Every crafter I have ever known has particular tools that they just have to have with them to work in their craft. These little scissors are that tool for me. They are specifically made for machine embroidery. Notice the hump just below the handle and the flatness of the scissor blades. It is made so the blades lay flat and can slide under the needle area to clip stitches as you change thread colors. I have used it for that but I don't do much machine embroidery. But I love them for the very same reason. When sewing, this little pair of scissors is invaluable. I clip threads on a finished project, at the end of a seam or (gasp!) when I make a mistake. My scissors are much better than any seam ripper I have ever used. The points are extremely sharp and slide right under the offending threads. They were not cheap, close to 20.00 dollars for this little pair of clippers but well worth every cent. I have had them for years, never had to sharpen them and I keep them with me for any hand or machine sewing.
What is your craft and do you have a particular tool? Is it one of your Friday Favorites?


  1. I love my glue gun and we go on gluing rampages often.

  2. Hey Pam... ok a dummy is Aussie slang for a pacifier. We never call them a pacifier. My Dad gave my daughter one 8 yrs ago and he called it a Dodge... not too sure why. He's your typical Aussie Bloke calling things other names... almost speaking in code lol. As for the dummy saver I have this one: (
    I don't think we use the word fob at all... actually it might be a bad word even lol... it sounds naughty!!

    Hope that clears up any confusion...

    xo Steph


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