Thursday, June 18, 2009

Thankful Thursday

This week I am thankful for:

1. My mom's generosity...she had a perfectly good, only a few years old, living room set and gave it to my daughter and her friends to use in their rental house in Charleston.
Isn't it great? She gave them a sofa, loveseat, recliner and two end tables.

2. One of our son's oldest friends, Tyler. He is 22 and will be working with Campus Outreach, a faith-based organization on college campuses. Tyler met with us this week to talk about his work and his commitment to grow relationships and share the gospel with college students. We are honored to lend our support in prayer and finances.

Our son, Cody, is on the left and Tyler is on the right.
This is Halloween, 5th grade. Aren't they adorable? They made their own alien costumes. Now they are grown up and have graduated college.

3. My husband's forgiveness. I became irritated with Stan over something very silly and responded inappropriately. Not only did he forgive me but it became a joking issue.
This was taken in Savannah, GA on the waterfront in February of this year.

4. My daughter's guy friends in Charleston. She works very late at a restaurant and one of three guys always meet her at work to get her home safely. There isn't any available parking so she rides her bike or walks. Doing either of those alone at 1:00 AM is just not a wise thing and thankfully she has such good friends to realize that and are willing to "take care" of her. Thanks Kevin, Cory and Dan! :) (from the left, Scottie, Kevin, Hanna (my daughter) Cory and Dan. The guys are also three of my daughter's housemates and best friends.)

5. My sweet little niece. Her 3rd birthday was Saturday and we were out of town. My sister had clued me in on a birthday wish of a pirate's costume! Jordan is a huge Backyardigan fan and especially loves the pirate show and wanted her own dress-up clothes. I found the cutest set online, with a one piece jumpsuit that looked like a vest, pirates shirt, pants and boots. It can with a pirate hat with pirate hair attached. I ordered a pirates sword and see-through eye patch and had it all delivered to her house. She called Monday afternoon and this is how the conversation went, "Auntie Pam?! Auntie Pam?! Arghhhhhhhhh Matey!" I cracked up. Of course, we had to dash over and check out the littlest pirate. She blesses my heart and makes me laugh every time we are together. :) I will try and get a picture to post of her in costume. Precious!!!

What are you thankful for this week?


  1. 1. YOU....our friendship of over 16 years and all the memories we have!
    2. Stan...for being such a wonderful husband and father and pushing my girls on the swing when they were little! :)
    3. Hanna....for being Chelsea's sweet childhood best friend.
    4. Cody... for being Ty's best childhood friend!
    5.Cell even if I can't see you, i can hear your voice!

  2. P.S. I LOVE the picture!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. just one more comment, I promise. You can see KK in that pic..with that dress and purse..hahahahaha!

  4. This week...a quick trip to Atlanta to see friends, completing a few small projects and God's grace!!

  5. cute pictures! Looks like you have a close family. :) I love your buttons! The fabrics you used are outstanding! I had never heard of that website before. thanks for sharing. :)


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