Wednesday, June 17, 2009

You No Longer Need To Imagine!

Isn't this Michael Miller Christmas fabric terrific? I know it isn't traditional. I know it is uber modern and I know it does not appeal to everyone. The quilt store clerk made sure I knew all those things but I still love it. The clerk told me it definitely did not float her boat! I guess I could sail a ship, I like it so much. LOL. Tell me what you think? Will my Christmas in July swap partner think I am crazy?

These are the two Java Jackets I put together. I love the fabric print and colors. All four of the fabrics were in a fat quarter packet with two other choices. I am sure you will see those soon. I used a Velcro strip to fasten. I will tell you a secret. I did have a pocket on the outside of both. It was the contrasting lining fabric. It looked so cute until I realized I had sewn it upside down! Oh my...I had a brain freeze and was thinking the small side was the top but of course, I was wrong. I didn't realize until it was completely finished. I used my trusting sharp scissors and picked them right off. The next set I make will have the pocket in the correct placement. For me, it is always the mistakes I make that help me learn the best. Anyone else learn that way?


  1. I'm with ya on lovin' the fabric!! I do my best learning from mistakes!!

  2. Hi Pam! I love that Christmas fabric. It is fun and a little retro. Your partner will love it! I am excited to look around your blog - it's so cute!

  3. I LOVE that Christmas fabric and no your swap partner won't think you're nuts. "Different" fabrics are big with bloggers! ;-)


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