Tuesday, November 13, 2012

I've Been Tagged! You're IT!

Good morning! I've been tagged for a game of blog tag by Sunshine and Lollipops. It's an opportunity for bloggers to get to meet and know one another. 

Here are the rules:
  1. Every tagged person has to tell 11 things about themselves.
  2. The person who tagged you asked 11 questions, answer them.
  3. Ask 11 questions for the 11 blogs you are going to tag, please choose blogs with less than 200 followers.
  4. Mention the blog that tagged you, but don't tag them back.

11 Things about me:
  1. I am the oldest child and I have one younger sister. And no, we are not twins. :) We get asked that a lot.
  2. I married my high school sweetheart at the ripe old age of 17! I have been married to said sweetheart for 30 years!
  3. I have two children. A son, 25, and a daughter, 23.
  4. I am originally from MS and grew up in a rural area with chickens, pigs and lots of fields to hoe and grow vegetables.
  5. I have picked cotton. Once. I was 7.
  6. I love country music. My husband does not. ;)
  7. I live in the beautiful state of SC and have for 26 years. We moved here for my husband to finish school at Clemson University.
  8. I love to travel and just got back from a trip to CO.
  9. I love coffee. I am a 4 cup each morning girl. 
  10. I am saved by grace and am thankful for God's merciful love.
Sunshine and Lollipop asked me the following questions.

  1. What is your favorite craft/hobby? I change this often. Right now, I would say embroidery. I also love to machine sew and really any thing that has to do with a needle and thread. My other love is reading. 
  2. How long have you been into your hobby/crafts? I learned to embroider, cross-stitch, etc. around the age of 12. My grandmother taught me. I learned to sew on a sewing machine at age 15 in a home economics class at school. My grandmother continued that education.
  3. Do you have a special room or designated place to do your hobby? If so, what do you call this space? I call it the guest room. :) Well, that is for any sewing on my machine. Embroidery is done in my large comfy chair in the den while I watch a DVRed program. I did have a craft/office combo room but my husband has commandeered that room as a full office since he works from home now.
  4. What time of day do you craft? I usually craft in the afternoon. I cannot do anything creative if my house is a mess. I do all my morning chores and then can feel free to make a crafty mess. ;) I can't see well enough to craft at night.
  5. What is your favorite tool for crafty/hobby? This is hard because I have so many. I do love my embroidery scissors that have a curved blade. I can nip threads so close without a tag left.
  6. What was your last purchased tool? New needle packet.
  7. What would you purchase if money were no object? If you're meaning something for crafts, I would have a studio built just for my use. Wouldn't that be divine? 
  8. If you could live anywhere, where would you live? I would live where it is warm year-around. Maybe with mountains and ocean together, so I am thinking Hawaii! Aloha!
  9. What is your favorite season? Summer! I love flip-flops and shorts weather.
  10. What is your favorite TV show? Justified!
  11. Do you like sports? What's your favorite sport? We are huge baseball fans and I love watching Braves baseball. I also am a huge Dukes basketball fan. 
The Grand Finale! My 11 questions to ask.
  1. How long have you been blogging and what is your main focus on your blog?
  2. What is your favorite craft/hobby?
  3. What is your current or latest project?
  4. Do you craft for yourself or for gift-giving?
  5. What is your favorite holiday?
  6. Who is your favorite author?
  7. Do you have a favorite blog that you have to read? If so, share the name and link. :)
  8. Where is your favorite place to vacation?
  9. Do you love to cook or eat out?
  10. What is your favorite food?
  11. Tea, coffee or wine?
I am tagging the following blogs. Please let me know if you want to play and I will check out your answers! 


  1. Ooooo I'm excited this sounds great! I will try and do it this afternoon! Thanks for tagging me!

    1. Terrific, Gracie! And I just realized we are practically neighbors. We live in the Greer area! :) My husband and son were at the game in Clemson on Saturday, them and their best 85,000 friends! :)

  2. Thanks so much for tagging me! I would be thrilled to join! Do I need to answer the Sunshine and Lollipop questions as well?

    1. Okay never mind about the question, it makes sense now :)

    2. Great! And glad it makes sense...with me, you just never know. :)

  3. 4 cups of coffee a morning, Pam!?! You must be full of energy! I usually have 1, maybe 2. Any more than that and I'm a total spaz :).

    1. I do seem to get a lot done in the mornings! ;) That is, I get a lot done after I have had all my morning coffee. Before that, I am so not a morning person. I don't want to talk or move fast for at least an hour. Good thing I don't work. However, I cannot have caffeine after 5:00 PM or I am up all night. That is when I spaz!

  4. Hi Pam! Thank you so much for your sweet comment today :) and I am with you on the 4 cups of coffee, that's before I get started on Diet Coke ;)

    xoxo, Tanya

    1. Tanya, I am a Coke Zero girl but only until 5:00 PM and then I have to cut myself off or I don't sleep a wink! :) Thanks for dropping by.

  5. Pam, Thank You for tagging me. Right now I am very bogged down with work right now. I took just a minute to check my blog and saw the 'tag'. Please consider asking me another time.

    1. Not a problem! Thanks for letting me know. :) Happy Thanksgiving.

  6. I think it's neat that you've been together for 30 years after getting married at 17. I got married at 22. When you know, you know. I didn't see the point in waiting just because other people do.

    1. Robin, Thank you for your kind words. I so agree with you. I hope your Thanksgiving is blessed. :)


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