Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Lazy Wednesday

I have not accomplished much in the way of creativity in a couple of weeks. I have instead been spending time with friends at the pool and tonight we had one of my best friends and her daughter and two grands, that are visiting for dinner. It was so wonderful to sit and relax and enjoy one another. We had a leisurely dinner of Low Country Boil, crusty French bread, homemade cole slaw and finished it off with a Lemon Cheese Pie. Easy and yummy.

Over the next few days I am going to be working on the following:
1. Most important, I have to finish my Christmas in July swap gifts and get them in the mail next week.
2. I have several birthday gifts this month and I am sewing some of those gifts.
3. My son has two pair of jeans he wants cut off and hemmed in to long shorts. I keep putting him off but he is getting a bit impatient with his mom so I better finish those up this week.
4. I have an Amy Butler Birdie Sling bag to make.
5. Over the next month I could sew and still have projects I want to finish but it will all get done in it's own time. Thankfully I am not one who frets.

What does your schedule look like? Do you have any crafty days planned?


  1. Girl, you are crazy to say you were lazy today. Just a little detour to have fun. I enjoyed our time today. Let's do it again soon. Hope dinner was fun.

  2. Good for you!! Take time out for yourself and then tackle your projects. I too have made up a to do list for myself that i'm going to work on. It is somehow much easier for me to follow my list. Glad you had some good visiting time.

  3. did you say you lived??? That dinner sounds wonderful and I have some openings in my weekend schedule.... As for my plans...a long anticipated vacay!!!


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