Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Ikea, OH MY!!!

Today I took a road trip to Charlotte, NC. Charlotte is about an hour and a half up the interstate. It is an easy drive, especially when you share the ride with a wonderful friend and her daughter. :) We first went to Mary Jo's, the most incredible fabric store. Their store statement is, "Mary Jo's Cloth Store is a mecca where you will find mountains of fabric at thimble sized prices". It is 32,000 square feet of fabric and sewing tools and is a seamstress dream come true! There is no way to stop for a quick trip but instead I always plan for a several hours visit. You can visit this link for a virtual tour.

After our three hour stop at Mary Jo's we drove twenty more miles to visit the Ikea store. I have heard about Ikea from my friend, Maddie, and I have looked online but nothing compares to being there. Oh my, there is just so much and at such wonderful prices and varieties and well, it was just incredible. My friend, Tracy, and I are already planning a second trip next month! I did find some drapes I really love for my son's old room. The room is sitting empty, in need of paint and then it will become a guest room. I think the drapes will give me some wonderful colors to work with for the bed and accents. What do you think? The leaves are a medium slate blue, dark gray, chocolate brown on a creamy background. They are lined with a cream fabric as well. They come in a 97" length, which I can cut off the extra and use it to make throw pillows. I think I will go with a silvery gray or a chocolate brown for the bedding or maybe even combine the two. Any suggestions for wall color? I really want some color and not the ivory cream.


  1. I think something in the blue/gray family for the walls! I LOVE the curtains and going to IKEA has been on my to do list for some time now.

  2. I know you are tired but still excited.....wish I'd been with you!

  3. definitely blue/gray! (did you expect me to suggest anything that wasn't in the blue family?? heehee) We passed IKEA on our way to Delaware. Looks neat. Must go soon. Love and miss you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. I love Ikea -- sadly we don't have one near us. I'm terrible at figuring out paint colors -- Good Luck!


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