Monday, August 31, 2009

Tutorial Tuesday

This weekend, while sunning at the pool and looking at 6-7 magazines, I noticed one item being shown throughout, a ribbon necklace. They were on models and stars, in advertisements and shown in the fashion section as a must have for the fall and winter season. Saucy Sprinkles has a quick, easy and inexpensive tutorial for just such a necklace. I also noticed there were many different styles and colors of the same general idea. So go crazy and make it your personality. Wouldn't this make a fun and creative Christmas or birthday gift?


  1. Very cute! I've noticed them too. Thanks for the link!

  2. I really appreciate all the ideas you give me!! Hugs:))

  3. that is really one neat necklace and I looked up the link--think I will have to try some for gifts too--thanks for sharing and for the idea--happy day--hugs, just, Di


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