Wednesday, March 7, 2012

WIP - My House

I am having a week of work-in-progress projects except the projects are not of the crafty kind, I am sad to say. Stan and I have been sorting, organizing, throwing away, and prepping for painting. Our office took 3 days to get it organized and cleaned but now we have a multi-functional room with our desk and home laptop and my sewing desk. 

The bookshelf works great to hold my pattern crates, thread boxes, sewing magazines, button jar and ribbon. The top two shelves hold Stan's remote control helicopter and his M&M dispensers and collectibles.

The closet has been organized in to my fabric and craft and sewing supplies home and I am oh so happy to have a crafty place to work. Now, if the house will stay clean, cooking not be needed and laundry will take care of itself, I can play in my new space! 
I couldn't bear to take the stickers off the inside of the closet door. Our daughter will be 23 next week and she placed this stickers on the door when she was very young. You can tell she was small because the height of the stickers only goes half way up the door.

It is a small space but still plenty big enough for both desks. The window has a glare but just outside the window is a cedar evergreen. I can sit at the desk  and watch birds fly in and out while listening to their beautiful melody.

Stan worked at home for several years and this room was his total domain. We painted not too long ago but had not really decorated. I am now in the process of planning what and where I want to hang photos, crafts, etc. I love having a blank slate. I will post updated pictures as soon as I begin. 

Our yard is getting a nice and much-needed sprucing. We have a new yard man and crew that have already trimmed and shaped the trees and shrubs in the back and are working today on our front yard.  Our yard is way too large and Stan works too many long hours and I am too allergic to do the work. I am so thankful to have found someone dependable and who has done a great job so far. 

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