Thursday, March 26, 2009

We have a name!

My good friend Connie and I have settled on a business name for our online shops. It is SeWhatInc. We are listed, with no merchandise but it is coming soon, on and on Both of these companies are for handmade vendors, artist, etc., for suppliers for those artist and for some vintage items. I love both sites and look forward to working with them. Connie and I are very excited and we hope you will stop by the shops after next Wednesday (the day of loading and setting up all the items) and tell us what you think. We are definitely open to constructive criticism.

Thanks to all our encouragers, especially my wonderful friend, Kelli of She has a little thank you coming her way. She is a true and faithful blog and life encourager and I love her dearly. Stop by her blog and see why Joy is her blog's name. You will not be disappointed.

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  1. How creative! I LOVE IT!!! I will visit often and tell everyone I know to go check ya'll out!!! EXCITING!!!


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