Thursday, March 26, 2009

What am I doing?

I am still without a camera! My hands feel empty and how can I post without pictures? The battery charger is ordered and is supposed to be delivered tomorrow! Woohoo! It will immediately be put to good use.

A friend and I are getting ready to open an online store and we are struggling with a name for it. We don't want to get too cutesy or get pigeon-holed into one particular craft. She offers some, I offer some, we search and find our favorites are already in use. We go back to our lists. I know we will land on the perfect name but the process is becoming very frustrating. I am praying for patience and insight. :) We have worked up a lot of stock and we have one great idea for summer! Hopefully people will love the idea as much as we do.

I signed up a while back to participate in a Bend the Rules bag swap and a Spring Swap. If I had my camera, there would be pictures of fabric for both swaps. I am using Amy Butler fabric for the BTRS and a bright, paisley and strip from Brother and Sister Designs for the Spring Swap. I have cut the fabric and am sitting down today to sew. Pictures to come!

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  1. I will be in prayer for the perfect name for your online business. It will come to you probably in the most unexpected way!!


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