Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Wednesday What?

Cory, Leah, Hanna (our baby) and Chase.
My husband and I went to see our daugther over the weekend to celebrate her 20th birthday party. We decided to camp at James Island County Park. It is a wonderfully maintained campground tucked up into the woods with a private lake, walking trails, etc. It even has a small waterpark in the summer. On Saturday night we cooked dinner for Hanna and 3 of her friends. We decorated with birthday streamers and lights and had a party at the campsite. We had a great time sitting around the campfire, talking and getting to know her friends better. The food was fabulous but I am not surprised. My hubby is a great camp chef. The guys were so excited about the food that they had three helpings! Hanna had requested a Peanut Butter Fudge Cheesecake for her birthday instead of a traditional cake. I was a bit concerned about making it at home, traveling it in a cooler for three hours and then not eating it for another 24 hours but it turned out great and did taste wonderful.

I have lost the camera battery charger! I haven't seen it since we returned from our trip to Hilton Head Island. Oh no...I called the condo unit but no one turned it in and now our battery is deader than a doornail. (the picture above is the last the camera will take until charged) So, late night shopping online found the name brand charger cost $89.00! Not what I was expecting! I kept shopping and found a universal charger that will work for $18.00 plus shipping. Well, that is much better. I have emailed all the info to dear hubby in hopes we will get that ordered today. I just can't be without the camera! I go in to withdrawal.

We have been having trouble with our cable. Some of our HD channels keep going in and out and any channel that is not HD is fuzzy. I called and have someone coming today to work on it. Knowing I was handling that yesterday, hubby called from work and said, "Hey, see if you can get our bill down some." Our cable and Internet service is combined and cost an average of 190.00 plus a month. Eeek. I ask, what can we do to get our bill reduced? The answer, "You can add a phone!" Add a phone? We don't need a phone. We use our cells. Plus we don't need to add a service, we are trying to reduce our bill not add to it. Answer, "This will reduce your bill to $149.00 to have a trio bundle." Bring on the phone. They come next week to hook the box. Stan says we will not even put a phone to it but just reap the reductions. Go figure! To reduce our bill we have to add a service! I will never understand how this type thing works!


  1. Sounds riduculous! Go figure.

    Camping is so fun!

  2. Wow -- maybe I'll see if we can add a phone -- how goofy is that??? Your campground birthday party sounds awesome -- I love camping!

  3. I hope the new charger works out. I have a fit everytime I am looking for ours .... sadly I have only myself to blame as I never put it away! Happy belated 20th birthday to your baby!


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