Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Wednesday on Hilton Head Island

It was a beautiful morning. Blue skies, warm sands, no breeze. We decided to take a walk. This is out the front side of our condo. I have been showing you the ocean front side. This is the street side. Nice and neat but just doesn't compare to the ocean.

Shots from our walk to Coligny Market Place. You know you are in the deep south when you see Spanish moss hanging in the trees and azaleas are in bloom in February.
Surely this cup was designed with me in mind. I do love my coffee first thing in the morning.

A quaint theatre. I love the old fashioned murals, don't you?

Fountain at the boardwalk. It is such an inviting area with benches, swings & rockers.

Was Stan doing a Forest Gump impersonation?

Our walk on the beach was so nice and peaceful. We came in and had a relaxing afternoon. Stan decided he wanted Japanese food for dinner. Kumara is where we headed when we got hungry. We didn't realize how early it was but we even beat the senior citizens! 

Our poor chef. He had us and one other lady to cook dinner for. He did a fabulous job.

We both chose the Shogun dinner, prime rib, shrimp and chicken. Oh my...I may never eat again.

I know, crazy. Crazy good!!!

A gift from our chef. 

It was a lovely day and evening. We are tucked in to the condo for a restful night. 

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