Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Bend the Rules Swap! I just got mine.

I was out with a friend today running errands. Well...I should say going to fabric stores and having lunch. :) Upon returning home, I had a package waiting for me. It was my Bend the Rules Swap Charming Bag and I LOVE IT! The fabric is just like something I would choose for myself. Along with the bag, I received a bar of handmade soap, with a precious butterfly design, and some really great ribbon in all my favorite colors. She also included a handcrafted card that I wish you could see better. I am so happy with everything I received and wanted to share with you what a great swap gift I was given. My partner is


  1. Pam, that is so lovely. This swap idea is a great one!

  2. Oh my goodness....i LOVE your charming bag!
    I was in that swap too


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