Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Fabric Shopping and a Friend

Yesterday I was treated to a day of fabric shopping and lunch at a tea room in Asheville, NC. We ended the day at a great coffee house in Hendersonville, NC before heading back home. We had a wonderful time and I was able to make a few purchases and got a few really good deals and then spent full price on a few items too. I love fabric! I think I may have said that before. :)
Following is a showing of my fabric and pattern purchases.
I have been seeing on other sewing blogs accenting with osnaburg linen. I have never used it but I always love the look of it. I found this end of the roll piece on a clearance table for 2.99 a yard and it is almost 2 yards. Of course, I had to get it when it was such a great deal. I am excited about integrating it into some of my sewing projects.

I have no idea what I will use this for but it has a lot of my favorite colors and it was on the clearance table for 3.99 yard! I couldn't resist.

I had purchased the dragonfly fabric and have been hunting a coordinating fabric. Isn't the circle fabric perfect for it? I also already had the Birdie Sling Amy Butler pattern. I plan to use the dragonfly on the main body of the bag and the circle fabric for the band and handles.

A little fat quarter to make a requested bird for my friend, LouCinda.

This orange and green fabric is Sandy Henderson's Farmers Market line. And yes, I paid full price! But don't you agree that it is really a terrific choice? I also bought the Amy Butler Madison Bag pattern to use it with. My 20 year old daughter gets this.


  1. I recently started using osnaburg and just love the texture and the look. Lots of loot there! Love the madison bag.

  2. I love everything you chose. Great deals too! Can't beat it!!

  3. Hi Pam--good shopping selections you made--as for osnaburg--I have used it for years and years in all my crafts and even now use it in some of my stitchery projects--so you made a good choice--it is better to buy the better grade of it--as it does make a difference in the projects I have found(like the grades found in the quilt shops--not the one found in the chain stores--their threads are looser and farther apart).
    NOW FOR THE GOOD NEWS--my apron is done for the "tie one on" challenge--so be sure to check me out on the Di-workbasket site--keep stitching Just, Di

  4. Hi Pam, thank you so much for the lovely comment you made on the spring goodies. Very generous of you. It was lovely making the 3 pieces. I love the fabric you got there is beautiful, over here is not easy to find such beauties.

  5. fabric love!!!!
    love it all...i'd love to know how it goes with the madison bag...i've never made it but it looks really fabulous!

  6. I LOVE your purcahses and can't wait to see the finished projects.

  7. Love the fabric you choose for the Amy Butler birdie sling bag. A friend of me made this fabolous bag (put the picture on my blog), I'm looking for a fabric to make it too!


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