Saturday, April 25, 2009

A Day In The Life...

This is one of my favorite current pictures of my two kids, Cody and Hanna. It was taken last July.

Happy weekend! I have had a busy day but no sewing. First I went to a bridal shower. I love being able to attend bridal showers. There is such hope and joy in the moment and it is such a sweet occasion. Upon returning home, my son, who graduates from college May 7, and I went shopping. Now normally this is not a fun experience. Usually we disagree on what is needed (I always want to buy more for him than he does. Go figure.) and on what style of items are needed. But going with a particular purpose, I had a great time. Cody is always fun to be with and is always making me laugh. He has the driest sense of humor and can strip hide with his sarcasm but dang it, he's funny. :) Well, in 2 1/2 hours we purchased a suit, a new dress shirt, two ties and two pairs of shoes, one dressy and a pair of Vans! Now that is pretty good work and we bought everything in different stores. You see, my son is tall and lanky. 6 foot and 155 pounds and he has 35" length sleeve but only a 15 1/2" neck. So shopping for dress clothes can be a challenge but we won today! Yay! Now, if I can only get a picture when he is wearing all the new duds. Oh by the way, Cody lives in jeans and tee shirts and really hates dress clothes but some new ones were needed for interviews (hopefully) and graduation. He will look so terribly handsome.

I will not be at the sewing machine tomorrow either. We have church, a lunch afterward and then we help some of our sweet young friends move in to their first home! I am so thrilled for them.

I hope your Sunday is a blessed one.

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  1. Whew! What a day! I KNOW you enjoyed every moment of time spent with Cody. Hugs!!!


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