Saturday, April 18, 2009

Not Your Usual Tea Party

Our son, Cody, is on the left and his friend and roommate, Kevin, is on the right.

My 22 year old son, Cody, is a senior and will graduate from college May 7. He has a major in Journalism and is very politically minded and involved. Cody has a weekly opinion article that runs every week in the school paper and is one of the editors. He also leans heavily to the right. In fact, he went to a local "Tea Party/Protest" this week and made signs for himself and two friends. Our 20 year old daughter, Hanna, was home this weekend from school also. She tagged along and took photos. The estimate for this rally was 10,000 people in attendance. Our governor, Governor Mark Sanford spoke and so did Senator Jim DeMint.

Cody posts his articles on Facebook and receives lots of feedback, both positive and negative. He also has a blog for those who want to read his articles but do not have facebook. His link is - Whether you agree with him or not, he will get you thinking. And yes...I am a proud momma.

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  1. You should be proud!!! I'm proud of Cody!! Hugs!


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