Thursday, May 21, 2009

Another Giveaway

Sewn is a new site just for sewers based in Australia. They are hosting a giveaway launch party for their new blog. I am so excited to participate. Come back after Tuesday and I will share what my giveaway items will be! I am postponing until I have SewMamaSew giveaway finished on the 27th. So remember, May 27 come and leave a comment for a chance to win two separate giveaways and then come back anytime between May 28 and June 8 for the Sewn giveaway!


  1. Hia Pam, it's lovely to hear about other people's generosity.

    I like the way you make lists too. Mine is a bit scarey at the moment but at least I have tried punch needle now. :-) Good luck with your goals.

  2. Hey we're joining in the Launch of Sewn too...yay!!

    xo Steph


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