Saturday, May 16, 2009

Swimwear Shopping

Anyone Up For a Swim?

I am what most people would call fat, I prefer chubby girl. ;) Yes, I am heavy and no matter what I try, and I have tried lots of things, I seem to be able to lose 10 pounds and then right back on it goes. It doesn't help that I take steroids daily for chronic asthma. However, I also just love food. So, there are multiple issues. Anyway, one of the things I hate is to shop for swimming suits. has many size 12 and up shops located together and that certainly makes shopping for a plus size girl easier. I have ordered several things from them and have been very happy. Yesterday I decided to shop for swim wear. I love to swim and am fortunate to have a country club pool just down the street. I bought two suits and am anxious to get them and will let you know how they work out.

The first suit is a skirtini, two pieces with a tummy panel. Sounds good and it is from my favorite store, Avenue. I am not usually a blue person but I really like this suit, color and style. It didn't hurt it was on sale either.

This second suit is as basic as it looks. I have a little black skirt cover up that I can wear with this suit but remove it for when I want to swim laps or exercise. It is my practical suit.

I should receive the suits by Wednesday or Thursday and will give you the low down.

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