Monday, May 4, 2009

Joyous Day

I am on the left, our daughter, Hanna, in the middle and my husband, Stan on the right.
Big group of Hanna's friends. We love them all!
And yes, she has way more guy friends that girl friends.
That is just the way she rolls! ;)

This weekend we were in Charleston, SC visiting our daughter and helping her pack and clean to move in to a different house. She is staying in Charleston for the summer. She was accepted in to a research internship at the local medical university MUSC and will be waiting tables in the evening. We came home tired but loved spending that time with her. On Sunday we attended church with Hanna and her two friends, Kevin and Cory and then had lunch with a larger group of her friends.

Monday Morning

We came home last night and this morning attended the adoption hearing for my little niece. My sister and her husband have had her since birth. Today, the adoption was final. Of course, she has been there daughter for the two years already and our entire family adores her. Here is a picture taken immediately after the judge finalized the adoption!
And then we celebrated with breakfast at Jordan's favorite restaurant,
Crackie Barrel! ;)

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