Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Sewing To Do List

I have got to get organized. I have been in a fog the last few weeks. I have had to take some medicine that just makes me feel spacey and have gotten absolutely nothing accomplished with my sewing and I have a lot I want to do. I am hoping making my list will help me to focus. So here it goes.

Sewing to do list:

1. Amy Butler's Downtown Purse for daughter. It needs to be completed by June 1st. That is when I go help her move.

2. Niece a sundress and matching bag.

3. Daughter skirt.

4. Purse for a birthday gift with a matching tea wallet.

5. Mug cozies for gifts. Have multiples of these to do.

6. Christmas in July Swap - stocking, other items

7. Birdie for a friend.

8. Fall bag for daughter - Amy Butler's Birdie Sling.

9. Heat Therapy Rice bag.

10. Summer skirt for me.

11. Cut off and hem a pair of jeans in to shorts for me.

12. I have many hand embroidery items I want to work on. I need to copy on to the fabric, organize in to packages and that way I can grab and go with it.

Things I want to learn:

1. Needle turn applique.

2. More hand embroidery stitches.

3. Stippling.

Here is my plan. Today I will iron and cut out daughter's bag. I bought the wrong color of thread so I will need to go get the correct thread color this afternoon. Tomorrow I will try and sew the bag.


  1. Hi Pam--talk about being "spaced" out< i am joining you today--I am "sensitive" to anything that has a "chemical base" to it and believe it or not that is nearly everything--but somehow I manage to cope -- I live on the second story apartment--last month the couple under me, the husband went to be with the Lord, and the wife's family came and got her and moved her back to Ohio, so they have been re doing here apt. today they installed the new carpet--the glue that they use to put the carpet down is BAD---I had to leave at 11 am and go over town for the day--but it is still really "smelly"here--so I know I will be sick now for a couple days!!! Your game plan sounds -- good--be determined and it will all get done!!!
    Hugs, Di

  2. Hope you accomplished all you wanted today. What a list!!! Hugs!!


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