Monday, May 11, 2009


I did not have much updating going on last week. I was so sick. I caught a bug while out of town and came home to a very hectic week with my sister's adoption hearing, my son's graduation and a celebration trip with my sister's family. I was sick through it all and it was all I could do to just get through the week. Unfortunately, my daughter had the same virus. We had all the symptoms of the Swine Flu that everyone is so afraid of but was tested and found negative but told there is a virus mimicking the flu. Yep, cold symptoms with sore throat and coughing and intestinal issues as well! Ugh! It has not been fun but I am finally on the road to recovery. I think it would not have lasted as long if I had been able to just stop and rest. Oh well, such is life. I will be posting a recipe later in the day. I want to take a photo to share and the lighting is still too bad due to a cloudy rainy day. Until later...

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